You can try: to generate pdf.
And To generate chart.

EX: to add a image to a pdf document:

$pdf->Image( '/home/peter/test.png',
             127.78, 15,          // left and right
             74.93, 6.42,         // width and height
            'PNG', '', 'T', false, 300 );

With this tcpdf i create a legal documents for Brazilian government.

Alejandro MS
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Assunto: [PHP] Bar Charts in PDFs


I need to generate some PDF reports (1000s). Part of the report is a set of
bar charts (the results of a questionnaire). Each question has the same 5
answers (v.bad, bad, ok ,good, v.good) and the chart is the % distribution
of the answers.

My plan is to create a HTML version, using "some graph drawing"* (saving a
copy of the HTML to disk), creating a PDF version using html2pdf (saving a
copy to disk and emailing to the recipient).

I think html2pdf can handle this. But I have not had much success finding
something to draw my graphs. Any (free) simple libraries out there I could
be pointed towards?


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