>> Me stupid, my bad.
>> Turns out the bug isn't in my code, but in the debugger. I'm working
>> with the trial version of Zend Studio. When inside the call to the
>> static method, everything is undefined. If I look at variables using
>> the Expressions view, I can see their values, and they _are_ defined.
> Maybe the "break at first line" switch is on in the debug config. If you
> step through you should see all variables. Two things i can think of.
> 1. Your breakpoints are set before the var us initialised
> 2. something wrong with your IDE/debugger setup
Nope. Bug in xdebug for Ubuntu documented here:

The bug comments also contain a link to a debian package which, when
installed, elliminates the bug. Did so, now I have a very nicely
working PHP development environment, which stops at breakpoints
(missing breakpoints was another issue, but that one came from
configuration) and shows the values of variables during debugging.
Only, not showing values of variables is something you definitely
don't expect from a debugger, so initially I didn't even think of the
possibility of a debugger bug.



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