Now I have a situation. I need to take the code from my former home page and modify it to lay out a table (let's say 5 cells wide) and as many rows deep to contain all the items. Each item is the name of the directory, under which is an icon image from that directory, under which is a description file read from that directory. Here is my code thus far:

# The next several lines declare an array of directories which are NOT to be listed!#
$excludes[] = 'attachments'; #20
$excludes[] = 'data';
$excludes[] = 'include';
$excludes[] = 'resources';
$excludes[] = 'stats';
$excludes[] = '_private';
$excludes[] = '_vti_bin';
$excludes[] = '_vti_cnf';
$excludes[] = '_vti_log';
$excludes[] = '_vti_pvt';
$excludes[] = '_vti_txt'; #30
$excludes[] = '_vxi_txt';
$excludes[] = 'css';
$excludes[] = 'img';
$excludes[] = 'images';
$excludes[] = 'js';
$excludes[] = 'cgi';
$excludes[] = 'cgi-bin';
$excludes[] = 'ssfm';
$ls = scandir(dirname(__FILE__));
echo '<table border="1" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="0" bgcolor="E0E0E0"><tr align="center">'; #40 foreach ($ls as $d) { if (is_dir($d) && !preg_match('/^\./',basename($d)) &&!in_array(basename($d),$excludes))
echo '<td>'.$d.'<br><a href="'.$d.'"><img src="/Categories/'.$d.'/thumb.png" border="5"></a><br>';
  echo '</td>';
echo '</tr></table>';

Now I am stymied on changing this to add </tr><tr> at the right points in the structure. I am new to php, and welcome all suggestions and gainful comments.


Very Truly yours,
                 - Kirk Bailey,
                   Largo Florida

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