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 > I guess that we run in different worlds. Most of the PHP programmers I know
 are very good.

I didn't mean to suggest anything. Nor do I necessarily subscribe to
the idea (that PHP has some lousy developers). It's just something
I've heard bouncing around - probably on those noisy internet forums.

- BW

- BW:

I think what you may be finding is there is an element within the programming industry that if you are to be considered a "true" developer you must program in [insert what language you use] and on [insert what platform you use].

Realize that we program in an open source language competing with a closed M$ environment -- and that generates a lot of biased self-interested rhetoric. Not all, but enough non-PHP programmers bad-mouth PHP because they want the perceptions of "true" programmers to be what they are.

I remember one time when I was hired to do a Macintosh application where the client insisted on using Metrowerks Code Warrior C++. After three months working with two other developers on what I thought was a very simple project, I found that we had not moved very far at all. People were arguing about double inheritance and other such tech stuff.

So, I took a *weekend* and programmed about 90 percent of application in FutureBasic. I then created a shell application and forwarded it to the client.

After receiving the application, the client said "Yes, this is exactly what I want -- except I want it in C++".

When I asked "Why? The application works and I can finish it up in a week!" He replied he had friends who worked at Metrowerks and if he told them his application had been created in FutureBasic, they would laugh at him.

Shortly after I quit the project.

Quite often perceptions are stronger than reality.




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