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Please read the changelog http://docs.php.net/ChangeLog-5.php#5.3.0
and do a search for ereg. You'll notice that it has been deprecated.

As such, old code that relies on this feature may no longer work as
expected and/or give a warning - just like you are seeing.

Your main choices at this stage are :

1 - Upgrade Typo3 to a compatible version for the version of PHP you
are using. Looking at the latest version
no longer uses ereg_*(), but preg_*().
2 - Downgrade your PHP version back to the lowest version that is
compatible with your installation of Typo3.
3 - Do a LOT of hacking and hope for the best.

Personally, I'd revert the upgrade of PHP and then create a separate
vhost or site to install/configure/test/upgrade the data from the old
version to the new one.

Also, any plugins/extensions/mods that may have been applied may also
need to be upgraded accordingly.



P.S. The PHP mailing lists is probably not the best place to come for
support on Typo3. I've never used Typo3 or installed it. But, in this
instance, GWMF.

Richard Quadling
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