On 17.02.2011, at 16:17, Johannes Schlüter wrote:

> The first release candidates of 5.3.6 was just released for testing and
> can be downloaded here:
> http://downloads.php.net/johannes/php-5.3.6RC1.tar.bz2 (md5sum:
> f78d7b47ddbfca42ebdfcdef2adfe859)
> The windows binaries are available at: http://windows.php.net/qa/
> This is the first step in the release process of this versions and goal
> is having a 2nd RC two weeks from now. Majority of the changes are of
> the "bug fix" variety. To ensure that the release is solid, please test
> this RC against your code base and report any problems that you
> encounter.

Here's the changelog:

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