Hello everyone,


I am having the difficult time trying to figure out how to detract an
max user license when my script tries to connect to our Pervasive
database through an ODBC connector.  I am looking for a way to ignore
the error if one arise and continue on with the code.


Here is what I have so far


if($conn = odbc_connect($aei_db, $user, $pass))


            $sql_open_jobs = "select distinct jh.part, jh.date_due,
jd.job, jd.seq, jd.employee, jd.description, jd.Date_Sequence 

                        from v_job_header jh, v_job_detail jd 

                        where jd.job = jh.job and
jh.date_closed='1900-01-01' and jd.job not like '%IND%' and jd.suffix =

            $rs_open_jobs = odbc_exec($conn, $sql_open_jobs);


            echo $refresh_message;




            if(!($conn = odbc_connect($aei_db, $user, $pass)))


                  $refresh_message = "This page has not been refreshed
since: " . date("h:i");

                  echo $refresh_message;  

                  $have_license = false;




Thanks in advance



Richard Sharp

Database Administrator

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