Hey Ty,

I had the same problem. I read somewhere that you can use "\r\n" instead. \r
returns home and \n adds a new line!
It works fine here!


"Tyler Longren" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
00aa01c10ed3$a3253ee0$[EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:00aa01c10ed3$a3253ee0$[EMAIL PROTECTED]...
> Maybe I'm not using it right, but I'm using the sample in the manual.
> Here's the code:
> <?
> $text = "A very long woooooooooooord.";
> $newtext = wordwrap( $text, 8, "\n", 1);
> echo "$newtext\n";
> ?>
> Here's the output:
> A very long wooooooo ooooord.
> Here's what the manual says the output should be:
> A very
> long
> wooooooo
> ooooord.
> Has anyone else had troubles with the wordwrap() function?  Do I need to
> compile php with another flag to get this to work properly?
> Thanks,
> Tyler

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