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>>>>>> Hi I'm Pete Woodhead.  I'm new to the list and to PHP.  To be honest I
>>>>>> very
>>>>>> new to code writing.
>>>>>> Thought this would be a good way to learn good habits as well as good
>>>>>> code
>>>>>> writing.
>>>>>> Looking forward to learning and participating.
>>>>> Assume that all the data you get from the user is out to get you. It
>>>>> probably isn't. Most of the time. But when it does, it'll be your
>>>>> fault. Unless you've left the company by then.
>>>>> Also, poka-yoke is a great concept to learn about (thanks to a great
>>>>> article in php|Architect all the way back when).
>>>>> Richard.
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>>>>> Richard Quadling
>>>>> Twitter : EE : Zend
>>>>> @RQuadling : e-e.com/M_248814.html : bit.ly/9O8vFY
>>>> http://www.phparch.com/magazine/2006-2/february/ in case anyone was
>>>> wondering.
>>> i'm interested in php about 3 maybe 4 years but i still couldnt get the
>>> logic of classes. it makes no sense to me. i couldnt understand whats about
>>> classes good at or how to use or write it. and i can say that " is 'class'
>>> really necessery? "
>> a class is construct of Object Oriented PHP. If you don't understand
>> object oriented programming, you'll likely not understand the use of object
>> and classes in PHP, either. There are good reasons to use object oriented
>> principles in PHP and other langages, and good reasons to use procedural
>> principles in PHP as well. Learning when to use either is important.
>> Learning how to use classes someone else implements is also important to
>> keep from re-re-re-re-re-reinventing the wheel.
> thanks. are there any high detailed explanation of classes in php? except
> for php.net, cuz i didnt understand anything from there about classes.
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Pretty say to see a lmgtfy response, so I'll try and provide something
slightly more worthwhile.  First off, what is so bad about the php.net
documentation?  If it is over your head, then I'd say get yourself
some books and study fundamentals.  Granted, you don't need to buy
anything as searches will yield the proper results--of course this is
much more difficult if you don't know the terms.  I was confused at
first too, but I persisted and learned a few tricks.  I started off by
studying open source projects & reading the code/searching for the
method names it used.  Look around on Github, it is all there for your
consumption!  Just FYI, my favorite book was Head First Deign

I think the best part about coding is that there is no "right way."
There are millions of solutions to these problems whether they be
classical, prototypal, functional, or whatever. :)  Either way, good

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