I use PDO and have written myself a class to abstract the database a bit.

It has a method for querying the database specifically for large
objects, like this:

                $connection = $this->getConnection();   // what's returned is a
PDOStatement, and a transaction is already started
                $statement = $connection->prepare($sql);
                $result = true;
                foreach ($parameters as $key => $parameter)
                        $statement->bindValue($key, $parameter->value, 
                        $result = $statement->execute();
                catch(Exception $ex)
                        throw $ex;
                if (!$result)
                        throw new Exception("SQL statement failed: ".$sql);
                $data = array();
                $receiverRow = array();
                $i = 0;
                foreach ($columns as $column => $type)
                        $receiverRow[$column] = NULL;   // this is probably not 
necessary, I
added it after it didn't work without, but it didn't help
                        $statement->bindColumn($i++, &$receiverRow[$column], 
                while ($statement->fetch(PDO::FETCH_BOUND))
                        $row = array();
                        foreach ($columns as $column => $type)
                                $row[$column] = $receiverRow[$column];
                        $data[] = $row;
                return $data;

The problem is, after $statement-> execute() the first fetch returns
false, although there's definitely a record in there -
$statement->rowCount() says 1, if called before $statement->fetch().
No exception is thrown, $statement->errorInfo() and
$statement->errorCode don't contain anything useful.

What am I doing wrong?



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