This question will probably reveal my lacking knowledge of the
fundamentals, but I'm a go for it anyway:

When you use a $_SERVER variable, is a query made to the server to get
the information or is it just sitting in a variable all ready to go?
Reworded, is there any efficiency gained by storing the data in a
"local" variable if it's going to be used many times in the script?
My experience with jQuery has taught me to store $(objects) in local
variables if they're going to be used repeatedly because the DOM is
queried every time a jQuery object is generated, so I'm wondering if a
similar logic applies.


if ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] == 'how.php')
// do stuff
if ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] == 'why.php')
// do other stuff


$script_name = $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'];

if ($script_name == 'how.php')
// do stuff
if ($script_name  == 'why.php')
// do other stuff


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