On Sat, 2011-02-26 at 16:37 +0330, AmirBehzad Eslami wrote:

> Dear list,
> It seems that Python has already a Log Rotation mechanism,
> which solves the problem of log file growth.
> I'm wondering whether there is any PHP-based solution around?
> Now let me ask from a different view:
> Is it a good approach to implement the Rotation mechanism to PHP? (Code Level)
> Or leave the job to the operating system and other utilities?
> Where is the right place to implmenet the Rotation? In Code? In OS?
> PHP? or a Bash Script?
> Thanks,

Personally, I would leave it to the OS and other tools, the reason being
that it may not necessarily be the programmer who is managing the server
as well. I've worked in a couple of places large enough to have
dedicated server guys (and gals) who dealt with deploying managing the
servers and their services. They may have a preferred way of rotating
and archiving logs that is managed on all the log files, regardless of
what scripting language was used to create them.

If you're working in a smaller environment that doesn't have different
staff supporting the servers, I would still keep the log rotation
separate, but you manage this in a number of ways, either leaving it to
the OS, write a bash script, PHP script, or some sort of off-the-shelf
solution. I would be careful not to clutter an app too much with things
it may not need to, and having the rotation dealt with independently
means that it can be a utility shared by many of your scripts.


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