At 8:23 AM -0500 2/28/11, Bob McConnell wrote:
From: Ashim Kapoor
 From Ashley Sheridan
 The quotes you mention are in the HTML, nothing to do with PHP. HTML
 work without the quotes in most cases (unless there's a space in the
 for the attribute) but the quotes are required in XHTML and will
 unexpected results.

 Can you elaborate on the XHTML part? Do you mean they are required in
 but optional in HTML ?

Please keep your attribution levels straight.

XHTML also requires all tags, attribute labels and values to be in lower
case and values must be quoted. So your original content should be

 <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" align="center"
 <td rowspan="2"><img width="15" height="1"

You should install the HTML Validtor plug-in for Firefox and use it
regularly to catch all of the errors you can. Some of this can also be
replaced with style sheets.

Bob McConnell

In addition to what Bob wrote, do yourself a favor and use css to more style declarations (cellpadding, border, align) to a css file. That's much easier to maintain.




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