Richard Quadling wrote:
On 3 March 2011 10:09, <> wrote:
I need help to know Why this dont work ?


 $thisdate =date("Y-m-d",mktime(0,0,0,$mth, $day, $year));

 $sql  = "SELECT id,case,startdate,enddate FROM table WHERE startdate<=$thisdate AND 
enddate>=$thisdate ORDER BY startdate";


The result should be an array whith open cases at $thisdate, but nothing appear.

Is it something about dates in mysql ?

Thanks for any advice.

Best regards,

Venlige hilsner

Rolf Brejner

I think that dates in SQL statements need to be in the quotes as they
are strings and not integers.

So, try ...

$sql  = "SELECT id,case,startdate,enddate FROM table WHERE
startdate<='$thisdate' AND enddate>='$thisdate' ORDER BY startdate";

I'm surprised you don't get an error....

Ah. As it stands, the SQL is something like ...

WHERE startdate <= 2010 - 3 - 3

So, probably the actual test that is being executed is ....

WHERE startdate <= 2004

Which, for a date stamp will never return anything sensible.

yes, and remember the DATE and FROM_UNIXTIME mysql functions too.

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