That's a great suggestion. I will try this and report back. It's also been 
suggested to me that I should have base64_encoded the encryptions before 
storing them in MySQL, so I'll try this option at the same time.

On Mar 1, 2011, at 2:04 PM, Ashley Sheridan wrote:

> Onto the problem of the data you already have. Do you have a test-case that 
> causes the problem? Try running a bunch of fictitious numbers against your 
> code and store the results in your DB. For a decent test, you'll want to test 
> it against a lot of numbers, store each one in plain format in the DB (use 
> the same character encoding as you already have to see if that's part of the 
> issue) alongside the encrypted version, then retrieve the encrypted value and 
> test it against the original. It may take only a few dozen numbers to show 
> the problem, it may take a thousand, but just let it run until it finds a 
> problem.

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