On Thu, 2011-03-03 at 13:23 -0700, Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
> > Write the file with a temporary name and extension. Once the file is
> closed,
> > change the name to the pattern your server is looking for. Once you finish
> > processing it, either change the name again, or move it to a different
> > directory. Don't reuse the same file name, but add a numeric value which
> > increases every time you create it. Keep a log of which files have been
> > processed and any errors each one produced.
> > 
> > Bob McConnell
> I can't require nor expect those copying the files into the share folder to
> do this.  No, they will simply be grabbing a set of image files from one
> network share and drag them into this Samba share, as is.  I'm not worried
> with what happens when PHP picks it up (name changes, moving to a diff
> folder, etc., etc.)  I'm only concerned with the first step ... picking up
> the file only *after* it's done copying.
> I can run PHP as a timed crontask, but I need to figure out a safe way for
> it to either grab a file or leave it alone because it's not done yet.

If i recall correctly, with FTP, the file is copied into the directory,
but it is not "ready" for use... I have an application that reads the
contents of a FTP directory, looking for files there... i've never had
any issues where it only got a part of the file (that i know of
anyways)... maybe the samba does the same thing?

how large are these files (or how large would the largest file typically
be) ?   would it be worth looking at the "time" of the file, and waiting
until that file is at least (say) 5 mintues old, then do something with
it?  if it only takes < 1 minute to put these files on teh share, then
maybe you can reduce that time... 

Just thinking of alternatives...


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