That's called method chaining. ->getColumns() will get called on the object returned by ->getTable(). That is, getTable() returns an object (presumably representing an SQL table, I guess), and that object has a getColumns() method, which you call.

This is an extremely common style in Javascript code that has been gaining widespread use in PHP OO circles in recent years. If leveraged properly it can create very compact, very readable, very powerful code. (And if done stupidly can lead to a horrid mess, but that's true of any coding style.)

--Larry Garfield

On 3/4/11 1:25 PM, Paola Alvarez wrote:
Hi there!,
I have been reading this list before but this is my first post.
Reading some code from Symfony I got this: $this->getTable()->getColumns()
...when you can use this double method access?, I used before the
regular $this->getTable(), but two?. I mean I have been trying but I got an

* Fatal error: Call to a member function ... on a non-object in ...



PS: BTW, sorry my english isnt really good

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