Hi list,

I've been getting my code base ready to upgrade from 5.2 to 5.3 for
all the great features and supposed performance and memory
improvements, but with regular usage (ie. on my production servers) I
just don't see those improvements.

With 5.2 pages load on average of 2ms and consume between 256-512k of
memory at peak. The same pages under 5.3.5 take on average 4ms and
consume about 1.2mb of memory at peak. The only difference in the
config is that 5.3 is using mysqli with msqlnd, while the 5.2 is using
libmysql for mysqli. I understand that mysqlnd should make things
faster and use more memory (using PHP's native memory for storing
data), but these are on pages with no database connections at all.
They're pretty complicated pages with very little OO and with lots of
small pieces coming from file caches.

I'm guessing that 5.3 might be faster in heavy OO usage, but I can't
see how a big shop can simply upgrade from 5.2 to 5.3 without
performance being a big concern.

Those numbers might not appear big, but they make a huge difference
when serving thousands of requests/s.

Are there practical reasons why 5.3 is so much slower?
Is there a trick to making it behave better, or do I simply have to
stick with 5.2 until it's no longer supported?
Is anyone else out there in the same boat?



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