Unsetting doesn't leave user defined variables. Unsetting simply destroys
> variables (or removes elements from an array, etc). There is nothing magic
> or hidden in that script. I think the note meant exactly what it said: after
> creating a local copy of the $GLOBALS array and removing super globals from
> it, all that's left in it are user defined variables. And that's exactly
> what gets returned from the function.

This is a script vars.php

function globals() {
    $globals = $GLOBALS;
    foreach (array(
    ) as $var) {
    print("<br />After...");

    return $globals;


I called http://localhost/vars.php?a=1

I get : -

Before...Array ( [GLOBALS] => Array *RECURSION* [_POST] => Array ( ) [_GET]
=> Array ( [a] => 1 ) [_COOKIE] => Array ( ) [_FILES] => Array ( ) )
After...Array ( )

ALL the variables are UNSET. I have a user defined $_GET[a] but that goes
away too.

One second, what do you mean by user defined variables? Maybe I am lost in

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