On 7 March 2011 17:29, Marc Guay <marc.g...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> It's not a SOAP service, and I've actually decided to have ask the
> client to upgrade their server software before continuing.  But for
> the sake of study:
>> Depending upon your requirement, you could use simplexml_load_string()  to 
>> convert an XML string into a native PHP object rather than manually parsing 
>> the text of the XML string.
> I looked up simplexml_load_string() and the manual seems to say that
> it's only available in PHP5.  Can you clarify?
> Marc

Ah. I see that you are trying to port TO V4 ...

(Yes, simplexml is PHP5+ only).

PHP4 is end of life and though I have my ZCE which was gained based
upon PHP4, I've not really used it for the last many years (looking
back it is probably 5 years or so).

Depending upon their hosting, I would recommend one of the following options.

1 - Upgrade to PHP 5.3.5
2 - Dual install PHP 5.3.5
3 - Create a new vhost with PHP 5.3.5

I'm guessing upgrading straight away is a no-no.

Running PHP4 and PHP5 SxS is very simple (I used to run PHP4 ISAPI,
PHP5 CGI and PHP6-dev CGI - on the same Sambar Server - on Windows

The ease I had in running multiple versions of PHP on Windows would
suggest it should be pretty easy to do for non-windows.


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