Hi all:

On my website I have an Ajax form. From this form user can upload files.
Server side is a PHP script.
This form works properly on my development server.
But when I uploaded my application to the definitive server I discovered
that I can only upload files less than 50KB (It works perfectly with 1 to 20
KB images).
These are the data from the server configuration that I believe can affect:

     post_max_size 8M
     upload_max_filesize 2M
     memory_limit 128M
     safe_mode off
     SELinux disabled
     open_basedir none

I´m now making tests with 52KB image: image.jpg
I discovered that the uploaded file is uploaded to /tmp. This file name is
But the file is not completely uploaded! So, my PHP script is not fired!
The original image size is 52KB and the new file size is 35KB . I download
the tmp file and rename it to php10tfTp.jpg. I can see that half frame is
the same as the original and the other half is gray.

Any idea what is happening?

Thanks in advance.

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