Apart form the obvious error already solved, in this situation I would not be 
forcing my users to type in an element that only has one option -- I would 
display the form box with the text "@company.com" immediately after it, and 
only expect the unique part to be entered.



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> Subject: [PHP] Issue with Quick Email validation
> Hi,
> I'm newbie to PHP and this list, possible not a new question so
> forgive me if it's a repeat
> I have a form where I want the submitter Email ID to only be from
> one domain
> Here's the part I'm having issues with
>                                         $domain = explode( "@",
> $who);
>                         if ( $domain[1] == "company.com") {
>                                         echo $domain[1];
>                                         echo("<h3>Email
> invalid.</h3>");
>                                         exit;
>                                         }
> First Echo is just for me to check
> I type in a correct Email ID, say m...@company.com
> The return of this is:
> company.com
> Email invalid.
> As far as I can see this if statement should not fall in, what am I
> missing?

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