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> Hello and thank you.
>   I'm trying to find a function(method) or existing
> code taht takes the number of minutes that have passed
> in a day and returns the time of the day.  For
> example:
>  780 minutes == 1pm,
>  0 minutes == 12am,
>  etc,etc.....
> so I'm looking for code that when you enter the number
> of minutes, it returns the time of day.
> example:   
>     $some_time = foo(780);
>     print($some_time);
>    //prints 1:00pm
> Thnaks again.

$minutes = 780;

$some_time = date("g:i a",mktime(0,$minutes,0,01,01,2000));    
echo $some_time;

The combination of date() and mktime() can do just about anything with 
dates and times that you could ever possibly dream of doing (it can 
even do some nifty stuff with english ordinal suffixes that have nothing to 
do with dates or time).

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