At 6:07 PM -0600 3/12/11, Shawn McKenzie wrote:
On 03/12/2011 10:37 AM, tedd wrote:
 > Here's a demo:


 > Don't make it more complicated than it needs be.

My point exactly!  So long as the name of the name[] part is the same
they will be treated as the same "group" of radio buttons.

So here is the long and short; if the name is the same and you specify
an index then names with the same index will be grouped together:
name[1] and name[1] are the same but different group from name[2].  If
you don't specify an index, but the name is the same, then they are
grouped together:  name[], name[].

By grouped together I mean that only one of the group can be selected
and therefore successful on submit.


Yeah, that's clear as mud -- I know how to do it and that confused me. :-\

Here's a much simpler example than my previous one:

You don't even need an array. Just check the "choice" variable.




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