I'm moving some scripts from an older server (SuSE who-knows-what,
running PHP 5.2.5) to a newer one (Ubuntu 10.10, running PHP 5.3.2).
For the most part there haven't been any problems, or they've been
things that I was able to fix easily.  This one's got me stumped.  I
have the following line in a script:

$this->bc = ($this->network | (~$this->netmask)) & 4294967295;

$this->network and $this->netmask should both be of type long, and I
should wind up with another long.  I didn't write the original method,
and I can't remember what "bc" stands for at the moment, but it's part
of a tool for working out first and last IP address, netmask, and a
few other things from a subnet definition.

On the old system, it works fine.  On the new system, I get the following error:

"PHP Fatal error:  Unsupported operand types in
/var/www/test/ on line 39"

I've done a little searching without any luck:  if anyone can give me
a quick answer, or at least point me to something that will explain
what's going on, I'd appreciate it.

  Alex McKenzie

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