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> Hello All,
> I got some help on this yesterday, but somehow it's not consistant
> <?

    For compatibility, you shouldn't use short_open_tags.

> $results = "3434approd34";

    Here you're defining the variable as a string.

> if(strpos($results['response'], 'APPROVED') !== false) {

    Here you're trying to access it as an array, which it's not, so
the 'response' key doesn't exist.  In addition, you're looking for
UPPER-CASE, whereas that's not the case in your example variable.
Finally, you're checking to make sure that the string IS INDEED found,
but then printing that it was declined (!== false).  Instead, you may


$results['response'] = '3434approd34';

if (stripos($results['response'],'APPROVED') !== false) {
    // It's been found
} else {
    // Oh, crap.


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