I'm trying to decipher inherited code (I did not write this) and I'm
having great difficulty understanding the override of a method in PHP4
vs PHP5

Here's the code:

22 class FormClass
23 {
/* some method calls to _dispatchSave() */
572                         if($this->_dispatchSave($key) === FALSE)
573                         {
574                                 return FALSE;
575                         }
/* _dispatchSave is defined */
692         function _dispatchSave($key)
693         {

17 class ActiveRecordFormClass extends FormClass
18 {
/* _dispatchSave is defined */
84         function _dispatchSave(&$key)
85         {

In PHP 4.3.9:

The arform.php implementation of _dispatchSave is called
(i.e.ActiveRecordFormClass::_dispatchSave())in preference to the one
defined in it's own class. This is the desired call BTW but why does
this happening? I would expect the parent implementation to be called,
not a child implementation???

In PHP 5.1.6:

I get the warning:

"PHP Strict Standards:  Declaration of
ActiveRecordFormClass::_dispatchSave() should be compatible with that of
FormClass::_dispatchSave() in ..."

which is expected since the parameters are defined differently. As I
expected, the FormClass::_dispatchSave() implementation is called in
PHP5. This implementation does not have the desired effect (the
application crashes).

What is happening? Maybe I'm not seeing something simple. I look forward
to any responses.



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