Just thought I'd send in my testimonial. I run a web site for a 
relatively small business (4 employees including the President ;). 
Anyway, I had been using JSP and Servlets to manage our smallish web 
site, but in preparation for graduation and moving on to another job, we 
need a web site that can be managed by my boss and coworkers who know 
nothing of Java.

Thus, I endeavored to find a solution that would be more stable (the 
servlet engine was unstable from time to time, though it is highly 
reputed as stable). Anyway, I chose PHP over everything else because of 
it's resemblance to Perl and my boss' familiarity with Perl. Within 
hours I was able to port the entire site from JSP to PHP with all the 
previous functionality.  (It took me much longer to design the original 
site in JSP.) Within hours I was able to add even more functionality to 
make it easier for them to maintain.

This is not meant in any way to detract from JSP, just that PHP happens 
to make JSP look rather inept in this particular case--especially since 
PHP had built-in a lot of stuff that I had to build myself in Java code. 
PHP does for web programming what Perl does for script programming. It 
makes what should be easy, easy and yet still manages to make the hard 
stuff easier or, at least, no harder.

Excellent product. My appreciation goes to the authors and anyone else 
who had a hand in this product. I have met few IT products that actually 
stand up to my expectations after I have put hours and days of effort 
into them--this one has done just that.


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