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On Friday, 18 March 2011 at 18:06, Nathan Nobbe wrote:
CI seemed to have a problem in that it would not spill data over into additional cookies when the size of one cookie was maxed out. One way to tell it's time to rethink your paradigm is when you're using up the maximum number of cookies for a given domain to propagate data between requests - been there, lol.

Again I am returned to the question of what the smeg people are storing in the session?! The only explanation I can come up with is that people are using the session as a cache, which IMO is a fundamental architectural mistake.

I'm surprised this concept was such as surprise to many of the list members, I thought this was a well know paradigm, storing session data in cookies.

Likewise, but I think it's due to the simplistic approach most books and tutorials take when teaching sessions. When you use cookies there are other issues to take into account such as security, integrity and size restrictions. It's far easier for a beginner to learn how to use the default file-based implementation of the built-in session system when learning the basics of PHP. I don't know if there are advanced books or online resources that cover using cookies, but how many people who learn PHP bother to go through learning the advanced stuff when they can do everything they need with the basics. Very few developers ever hit the scalability issues we're talking about.



In my case, that is certainly true.

I use cookies to make the web sites friendly and sessions to keep things honest.

I seldom think further than one server serving a single user.



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