Daniele Capuano wrote:
I'm developing a web application using moodle, and I'm trying to create a
PHP object tree to be used in $SESSION. Objects are defined as

class foo {
  private $module_name;
  private $sub_modules = array();

I have a main module (object) and I use the following function to add
serialized sub modules to such object:

public function add_sub_module(&$mod) {
    $name = $mod->get_mod_name();
    $this->sub_modules[$name] = serialize(&$mod);

where the get_mod_name() function simply returns the $module_name private
field. After adding a sub module to the main module, I always update the
main module in $SESSION using serialize($main_module).
Once returned to the page, i restore the main module with
unserialize($SESSION->$main_module_name), and then I call the following
function to retrieve a sub module:

public function&search_sub_module($name='') {;
        foreach($this->sub_modules as $mod_name =>  $mod) {
           if ($name == $mod_name) {
              return unserialize($mod);

           $obj_mod_file = $mod_name.".php";

           $obj_mod = unserialize($mod);
           $modr =&  $obj_mod->search_sub_module($name);
           if ($modr != NULL) {
               return $modr;
        return NULL;

I found that sub_modules added to the main_module->sub_modules list are
correctly retrieved, but if I add a sub module to a main_module's sub
module, it cannot be get after the main module has been serialized. What do
I mistake?
Please help.



Is '$SESSION' just a typo?.. s/b '$_SESSION'.


D Brooke

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