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> Hello All,
> Is there a smarter way to do includes by setting up a path or something
> where I don't have to include /home/domain.com/includes/include_file.php
> Apparently my path is as shown above,  but I would prefer to just put in
> /includes/include_file.php

As a first action, in whatever file you first include or call, do the

$site_path = realpath(dirname(__FILE__)) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;
define ('SITE_PATH', $site_path);

Next, create a function like:

function include_path($filename)
        $str = SITE_PATH . 'include' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $filename;
        return $str;

Now, when you want to include a file, do


In my projects, I have a variety of directories, like libraries, views,
models, etc. So the function I use has a second parameter:

include(fullpath('model', 'pizza.php'));
include(fullpath('include', 'gesundheit.php'));


Paul M. Foster

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