At 3:21 AM +0300 3/29/11, Andre Polykanine wrote:
Hi everyone,
Image  processing  is  a part of Php language completely unknown to me
So   there  is  my task: I need to process an uploaded image. We allow
uploading  of  gif,  jpeg,  and  png images. If an image is wider than
600px, it should be proportionally resized to the width of 600px.
Yes, I've just read about ImageCopyResampled().
My questions are:
1.  what  are the restrictions of ImageCopyResampled()? Can I make a jpg
image  from  a jpg one, and a png image from a png one? And what about
2.  I  don't  need to output the image as the script output, I need to
upload it as a file (replacing the uploaded larger file). Could I make
it with fwrite and then copy it to the server? All of the examples give header("image/jpeg")...

With best regards from Ukraine,
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Not that this answers all of your questions, but try this:




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