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>Hi all,
>I am using Codeigniter framework, tho' I believe my question is more
>related in general.
>Problem I am having is following.
>Codeigniter (CI) uses general class CI_Controller for all functions.
>I have extended this controller with: abstract class CORE_Controller
>extends CI_Controller {...}.
>Then, I also have a RESTFul library which is:
>class Cpin2_rest {}
>And, last one is Ion Auth library which states:
>class Ion_auth {}
>In the Ion auth, there (should be) is initialization of CI_Controller
>$this->ci =& get_instance();
>However, $this->ci inherits Cpin2_rest instead of CI_Controller (or
>I really have no idea where have I made a mistake and can't get around
>this one :(
>Any help is appreciated!
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That's completely CodeIgniter, not php. The mvc framework layout is something 
used by many languages, but questions about the framework aren't questions you 
should ask of the language but the framework.

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