Hello all,

I'm having a heck of a time with a file uploader
page.  When I set method=post on the file uploader
form, the PHP session is somehow corrupted
during the upload, and any links made in the
in the resulting page (photoupload.php) don't
pass along the session even though they
have the exact same PHPSESSID value.

//upload request page
<FORM name="uploader" method="POST" ACTION="photoupload.php" onSubmit="return 
<input type="hidden" name="PHPSESSID" value="<? echo $PHPSESSID; ?>">


The session and variables seem fine _IN_ photoupload.php,
but when I try to link to another page from the
photoupload.php page, it is broken.

But when I right-click on the links, copy the link
shortcut complete with PHPSESSID,

and then I take and paste that into the location: field in
a newly opened web browser, the session works and I
can continue to use it.
But when I try to click on the link inside of the photoupload.php,
the session dies and doesn't show any of the PHP session variables
even though I've checked and they exist and have values in the
session files on the hard drive on the server.

One more weird anomaly, is that when I change the method=post
to method=get in the html upload request page, I don't have
these problems with the session.  (I just have problems with the
file upload because it requires method=post).

Anyone have an idea to whats going on here?



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