On Friday, 1 April 2011 at 17:07, Santosh gunat wrote:
> I am in a big problem,
> My manager gave a task,
> He want a PHP scrip which will check if the remote machines are Powered on
> and are running.
> He want this to be done using eclipse.
> He also want a log in a HTML or text file that which remote machine is
> running and which remote machine is down/powered off for each machine
> Can you help me.
> If there is another way ,to check automatically that will also be fine.But
> we want a automatic script checking and saving logs for the same.

Sounds like you want a service such as http://pingdom.com/ or one of the 
hundreds of other services out there that do this. IMO writing your own script 
to do this is a waste of resources.

Also, give your boss a slap. Why is he specifying what editor you use to write 
a PHP script? I really don't understand most management types!


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd


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