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So the subject says it all... And yes I know this isn't related to PHP but it's 
the weekend and I trust the opinions on this list more then any other list I 
have seen. I've been doing alot of reading on XML and honestly it looks pretty 
cool... BUT the question is... Is it truly useful or is it just another layer 
that we have to write?

 From what I can tell it looks like it could stabilize some of my programming 
in regards to databases, and possibly if I have to move information from one 
application to another.

But is it worth the added coding or should I just interact with the pieces 

Thoughts? Questions? Flames? :)
I think it is pretty useful, not for internals, but to communicate with other apps such as Adobe Flash or any other system which involves trespassing information.

SimpleXML is very easy to work with, you'll only need a valid XML file to read in case of reading. If you need CDATA support, SimpleXML can be extended with this:


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