having a problem posting this message - forgive any duplication please.

I'm trying to use sql to extract the last name from a person's name field in
my table.  Here's my Select:

$q = "SELECT race_winner,count(race_date) as wins,
substr(race_winner,FIELD(' ',race_winner)) as last_name


My result keeps coming up with a 0 for the FIELD portion I assume
since my output shows a blank last_name.  From the docs I believe it should 
be giving me the right-most portion of the 'race_winner' field beginning 
where the first space char is found.

Am I not using this correctly?  Is there a better way to do this?  I'm
trying to have my results sorted by last name and since the table was not
built with separate first/last name fields, I'm stuck with figuring
somethign out.

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