I will give you a mysql example.

Apply the logic to the table during the query so you can just loop over the results like such.

$query = ' select last * '.$ABEI.' AS resulta From table';

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i have write a script for my Stock portfolio and now im not really find
something which can me help.

In the table php calculate me the Present Value and the Percent with
this code:

$ABEI = 240;

//Buy Quote
$KKBEI = 41.31;

//Buy Balance
$KWBEI = 9914.40;

include("../inc/quote.php"); // Yahoo Quotes
$BEIERG = $KKBEI*$ABEI; // Buy Balance
$BEIDW = $BEIQuote['last']*$ABEI; // Present Value
$BEIAEN1 = $BEIQuote['last']-$KKBEI; // Quote Win
$BEIAEN = $BEIAEN1*100/$KKBEI; //Percent Win

Is it possible to apply logic to the whole table? Or do I write for each
additional item the same source code?

It were nice someone has a Tip for me? Thank u.


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