in otherwords, the entire idea of picking one of N objects, whatever they are- strings, numbers, gummybears, lined up in a listing, and return the one item selected. This seems a common enough function there should be a simple way to do it already in php. HOWEVER, I ain't findin' it that way, no sir/maam/other. Maybe I am missing the obvious SIMPLE way to get the job done. So if we have a listing of foo's, we can title this $listing, and we want 1 of them to be returned, we should see something like:
and if the listing was "A","B","C","D","F"
and it defaulted to return one of them, a valid return would be "C" for example. opho does not seem to have a function in it, or loadable into it, to accomplish this; I have to write some long winded and complex thing to get the job done, and that's a bloody shame.

Any discussion?


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