Hi all,

Can anyone explain why I might get a:

socket_connect(): unable to connect [115]: Operation now in progress

error on a blocking socket?

The documentation seems to suggest that is a 'normal' response for a
non-blocking socket but I am seeing it on a blocking socket.

Example code:
                $this->logSocket = socket_create ( AF_INET,
                socket_set_option ( $this->logSocket, SOL_SOCKET,
SO_SNDTIMEO, array ('sec' => 2, "usec" => 0 ) );
                $this->loggerConnected = socket_connect (
$this->logSocket, $this->logHost, $this->logPort );
                if (! $this->loggerConnected)
                        user_error ( 'Error connecting to ' .
$this->logHost . ' ' . $this->logPort );

The port it is connecting to is running on localhost. It works roughly
99.9% of the time but occasionally fails with the error above.


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