On Wed, 13 Apr 2011, Daniel Brown wrote:

   I believe he meant that it's been too long since he used C (which uses
semicolons) and that Python, which he used more recently, doesn't use
semicolons (which always trips me up whenever I have to patch Python

  Thank you, Daniel.

  Inserting a call to debug_print_traceback() (with a terminating
semi-colon) at the top of the ErrorHandler404() function produces no visible
output (and nothing in the application directory or in ~/). Will someone
suggest either how I properly use debug_print_traceback() or otherwise learn
what's failing as I try to invoke the application and transferring control
to the error handler?

  There has to be something either in the index.php, or a function it's
calling, that cannot find the opening display. I need to learn what's
happening so I can get this application running here.


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