Am 14.04.2011 01:35, schrieb Daniel Brown:
>     Good luck with the rest.  You may want to just go back to the CMS,
> or at least start with the basics.  You may already be learning that
> copying and pasting code doesn't always work.... but sometimes it can
> be malicious code that, to an untrained eye, could really be a Bad
> Thing[TM].

Yes thats right what u write. When i make bad code with copy and paste,
what is with a CMS System? What i know about this code, what i know
about the backdoors, what i know which door is open for the Publisher or
what is with the goverment? This website is not online, i know i must
learn, but with books and howtos u learn not in two weeks all, i think
before we normal write perfect for the masters it need more time.

I nothing has to do with writing programs but i like work with computer,
and my unix servers running perfect and something i must do.

Im sorry when the questions is stupid, but at one point we all must
start. I try that i only post the really hard questions, but what is
hard for me and hard for the masters?

Have nice day.


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