this form would not really be a nice solution to upload 300mb. there would
be no progress bar and no other possibility for the user to get feedback.

you should consider to use a java uploaded - or a bit nicer - a javascript
based solution like this: http://www.uploadify.com/


2011/4/14 Ricardo Martinez <harisel...@gmail.com>

> Hi List!
> Need can upload big files ( around 300MB ) the system must be easy of use (
> cann't use ftp ).
> Was thinking in make it, using a form with post, and update the cfg files
> for can upload big files.
> But don't know how it going to work. I think that can give a lot of errors
> or be unestable.
> Just asking if anyone had a project like this one ;)
> Greetings!
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> Ricardo
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> IT Architect
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