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> Yes Alert works fine on my browsers but the hack to change the alert on
> someone else's website has been fixed from browser updates.
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> > Javascript:alert("Hello World");
> > The browsers have had many updates since last I seen this work.
> >
> ?? You're saying that "alert" doesn't work on your browse?  Gee - it works 
> on mine. 
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I think it might have something to do with the origin of the data, as
running a quick example file works fine in Fx, Opera, Konqueror and
SeaMonkey on my computer, and even seem to work OK when run from my
local server (same machine but served from Apache instead of through the
local file:// protocol)

One other thing it could be is some sort of security mod (in PHP or
Apache) that is altering the actual HTML and isn't outputting what you

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