Jim Lucas wrote:
On 4/24/2011 8:44 AM, Ron Piggott wrote:
I am trying to figure out a syntax that will replace each instance of % with a
different letter chosen randomly from the string $puzzle_filler. $puzzle_filler
is populated with the letters of the alphabet, roughly in the same ratio as they
are used.

This syntax replaces each instance of % with the same letter:

$puzzle[$i] = str_replace ( "%" , ( substr ( $puzzle_filler , rand(1,98) , 1 ) )
, $puzzle[$i] );

Turning this:




Is there a way to tweak my str_replace so it will only do 1 % at a time, so a
different replacement letter is selected?

This is the syntax specific to choosing a replacement letter at random:

substr ( $puzzle_filler , rand(1,98) , 1 );

Thanks for your help.


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How about something simple like this?


$input = '%ECARBME%TIPLUP%%%%%%%E%%';

$random_chars = range('a', 'z');

echo 'Before: '.$input.PHP_EOL;

while ( ($pos = strpos($input, '%') ) !== false )
    $input[$pos] = $random_chars[array_rand($random_chars)];

echo 'After: '.$input.PHP_EOL;

just for fun

$a = '%ECARBME%TIPLUP%%%%%%%E%%';
$b = 'abcdefghijklmnobqrstuvwxyz';
echo preg_replace('/%/e','substr(str_shuffle($b),-1)', $a );

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