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On Thu, 2011-04-28 at 19:19 -0400, Robert Cummings wrote:
On 11-04-28 06:37 PM, dholmes1...@gmail.com wrote:
Thanks switch and case seems to be more faster for the job and a lot cleaner
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Hello Dholmes1031,

I would write it like this:
switch($foo) {
             case 5: $dothis; break;
case 3: $dothat; break;
default: $donothing; break;

This sounds like a job for *dun dun dun* GOTO!

Kidding, of course ;)


you should be removed and banned from this list for even just THINKING
about using a GOTO!  :P

(yes, there are still *SOME* (and i use that loosely) benefits to the
GOTO command, but in reality, no.)

I've written parsers in the past that would have benefited greatly from GOTO. So, in reality (for me anyways), yes. Also, tracking state variables or using break with level parameter to escape from multi level loops isn't any clearer than a goto, so sometimes its succinctness adds clarity to the code making maintenance simpler. But obviously the above was in jest :)

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