On Friday, 29 April 2011 at 03:33, Mitch wrote:
I have written a lightweight, easy to use photo album "system" in 
> HTML/PHP/MySQL.In addition to the Photo Album side I have written a 
> series of Admin Utilities to manage it with. One of the administrative 
> utilities uploads photos from my local drive, resizes them to be more 
> efficient on disk space, creates thumbnails and populates the database 
> with as much "default" data as can be deduced.
> After all of this was written, I decided to see if I could pull EXIF 
> data to supply some of the technical data for the DB. To my surprise, 
> the only EXIF data in the JPEG files was data in the File, Computed and 
> Comments sections.
> Why don't the gd utilities retain the original EXIF data? Is there any 
> way to do so? I use the following gd utilities to resize and create the 
> new JPEG image files:
> imagecreatefromjpeg
> imagesx
> imagesy
> imagercreatetruecolor
> imagecopyresized
> imagejpeg

This is a known shortcoming of the GD library. You won't have that issue with 
ImageMagick: http://php.net/book.imagick


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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