On Monday, 2 May 2011 at 02:44, Jim Giner wrote:
No - I don't want to include either one in the other one. They are separate 
> things that interesect once. I really am just trying to do this separately 
> as I said.
> script1
> work
> work
> work
> (done)
> script2
> do something
> user response
> do something (write data)
> execute script 1
> (done.
> Script 2 doesn't need a response - no return to it. I'm trying to keep from 
> having the user interact with it one more time just to have a form & button 
> that uses its' action= to run script 1.

In script2 you have the user responding in the middle of execution - this is 
not possible. PHP runs a script and returns the output to the client. The user 
then takes action which may cause another PHP script to be executed. There is 
no way to pause execution of a web-based PHP script and wait for a user action.

In what you've given us above I'm unclear on how script1 and script2 interact 
with each other. Can you elaborate?


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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