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I did not get access to any database system on the ISP's end.
I could get access to MySQL for $$$.
Initially I just want to test everything works with storing to simple text
After that has happenned.
And if the requirement grows.
Then spending $$$ is feasable.

As I said I am just a novice.
So I want to get something small going.

Kind Regards,


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On Mon, 2011-05-02 at 17:55 +1000, sir wally lewis wrote:

I am a complete novice at php.
My internet service provider gives me webspace and PHP script execution
for free.

I would like a simple example of a website that stores data on the
server, in simple text files.

Is this possible?

Kind Regards,


If you're storing data, try to use a database, as you can do a lot more with a DB than you can with flat text files on the server, and it's much

However, if you're stuck with text files, then look at things like
fopen, fwrite and file_get_contents functions, as these should help a


Look into the functions I mentioned, they have enough examples on the
php.net man pages to get you to a point where you can put some code
together to do what you need.


You might want to google flat file databases. There are systems that already do this.

Bastien Koert

He didn't say he necessarily wanted database-like functionality, just
that he wanted to be able to store data in text files. This could be
something as simple as a log, or basic CMS that generates the HTML pages
that make up a website.

SQLite, anyone?

That aside, learning how to deal with flat file databases on your own is not a bad idea at all. It's an excellent learning exercise.

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