Sorry for the bad formatting... 
Anyway, I did figure out the problem: php creates/expects each system v
semaphore to be a semaphore group of 3. So, not only is that weird, it
really should be documented.


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Subject: [PHP] sem_get invalid argument for existing semaphore



I am trying to do a sem_get on a semaphore that has already been created

a c++ program. But I'm getting this warning:


PHP Warning:  sem_get(): failed for key 0x31006dc2: Invalid argument in
/home/jgreene/views/latest/lcast/apps/webapp/webApp.php on line 11


Here is the line 11:

    sem_get($key, 1, 0666);


And here is ipcs -s before and after the php script runs:


------ Semaphore Arrays --------

key        semid      owner      perms      nsems     

0x31006dc2 1245191    jgreene   666        1         

0x31006e01 1277960    jgreene   666        1         


I have another c++ program that can get the existing sem with no


I can get the php script to create a new sem with no problem.


It does not seem to like to get a sem that's already created... although
I haven't tried getting a sem that's been created by another php
script... But the entire point is that php is an ephemeral client and a
C++ app server creates and responds/locks a resource (in this case
shared memory - which does work fine).


Btw, in the archives, way back in 2001, there was a pretty much exact
same post... unfortunately there was no conclusion posted... I really
hope I have better luck!!






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